We are commissioned by our faith to serve one another with love and support and to care for our neighbors by connecting them to services they need to get them back on track or stay on track.

Find Nick's main priorities once in office below.

nick's plan for indiana

the platform

 foster care system

In order to improve Indiana’s foster care system, we need to recognize the current issues that exist. Nick has lived it. Together, we can ensure no child falls through the cracks.

-Increase funding for foster parents, kinship care and group homes 
-Invest in our social workers
-Protect the kids in our care and provide each child with a lawyer
-Support critical local Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) programs

strong hoosier schools

-Increase resources for our teachers by implementing higher frequency of raises
-Provide funding for school system in order to provide equal resources for all schools

An Equal Playing Field For All Hoosiers

-Address the staggering statistics in regards to prenatal care, and infant death, especially among Hoosier women of color (6.6 infants per 1000)
-Protect women’s reproductive rights
-Work with the public and private sector to address Indiana’s youth suicide rate, including among Indiana’s LGBTQ population

An Economy That Works For All Hoosiers

-Hoosiers should not have to work multiple jobs to provide a stable life for themselves or their family. Once elected, Nick will work with both parties in Indianapolis to cut taxes for lower and middle class Hoosier families. Hoosiers hard earned money belongs in their wallets

-Nick believes that Indiana’s small businesses are the backbone of our state’s economy. Nick will work tirelessly to increase resources, cut red tape, and make it easier to start and grow a small business in Indiana

-Nick will be a cheerleader for the Hoosier economy, and will always promote the 45th district as a prime location for new economic investment and good-paying jobs

Recovery & Rehabilitation

-Work with the public and private sector to increase funding and resources for addiction assistance programs
-Make necessary updates to our state's D.A.R.E Program, as well as supporting law enforcement’s efforts to keep drugs off our streets and away from our children

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